Anthes Family Tree : Catherine - SMALL

Family of Catherine & Alfred Small

Catherine's date of birth is unknown but it is thought to have been either 1862 or 1864. She was aged between eight and ten years when she and her family arrived in Hill End and is almost certain that she would have attended school there until the age of fifteen. By that time her eldest sister Ellen Elizabeth, had married and moved to Bathurst. It is most probable that Catherine left Hill End by the age of seventeen of eighteen perhaps, initially, to live with her sister in Bathurst.

Catherine is recorded as having married at the Wesleyan Parsonage in Bathurst on 16 March 1883 to Alfred John Small, an Englishman who was born in 1848. The details of her marriage are sparse and no mention is made of her parents attendance nor of parental consent being given. If Catherine had been born early in 1862, she could have been aged twenty one at the time of her marriage whereas if her year of birth was 1864, she would have been aged only eighteen or nineteen years only.

At the wedding the officiating minister was the Reverend Stephinson and the witnesses to the marriage were the minister's wife and daughter. Alfred John Small was aged thirty four years and described as a widower who was a saddler by trade. From their marriage was born two sons and three daughters, the first of whom was Edward Ernest, almost certainly named after Catherine's youngest brother, born on 17 March 1884. Edward was followed by Helenor C in 1886, Juanita G in 1888, Kate G in 1891 and Ross A B in 1894. All are thought to have been born in Bathurst.

It is believed that Catherine and Alfred moved to Blackheath at some time after the birth of their last child. On 5 October 1912, Catherine, while attempting to enter a train in motion, fell under it and on 13 October, aged 48 years, succumbed to her injuries in the Western Suburbs hospital, Enfield. Alfred, now aged 64 years, is recorded as present at her burial and she was survived by all her children, who were still most likely single. No other details are known of this family of Catherine and Alfred Small.