Anthes Family Tree : Ellen Elizabeth - EMMETT

Family of Ellen Elizabeth & John Joseph Emmett

Born in Waverley on 20 March 1858, Ellen was the first Anthes to be born in Australia and those that now follow her stretch over seven generations. It may be presumed that she received basic education from her mother and formal education in school at Hill End from about age 13 years. It is not known if Ellen undertook any work for wages after her schooling but it is almost certain that, as the eldest daughter, she had played an important part in the care of her younger brothers and sisters.

On the 22 September 1877 Ellen, aged 19 years, married John Joseph Emmett in his house at Hill End, according to the rites of the Church of England. The officiating minister was John O'Conor. John Joseph Emmett is described as a widower, aged 23, the son of Edward Emmett, a gardener, almost certainly from Bathurst, and Harriet nee Scythes. John was born in Bathurst on Christmas Eve 24 December 1853. He was a miner in Hill End at the time of his marriage but it is not known how long he had spent there. No details of his first marriage are known.

Ellen and John left Hill End shortly after their marriage to settle in Bentwick Street, Bathurst. It is possible that John spent about five years in the Hill End area as a miner. The move from Hill End to Bathurst occurred after the railway line had been extended from Raglan to Bathurst in 1876 and it was with the New South Wales Government Railways that John sought employment.

His first duty was as a shunter, being required to stand between one stationary carriage while another was shunted or pushed by steam train so that the connection of both carriages engaged. After engagement, a shunter was required to lock the mechanism and couple the brake hoses, a decidedly dangerous task, particularly at night.

Whilst living in Bentwick Street, Ellen and John became the parents of two sons. The first, named John Joseph Augustus was born on 7 November 1879, while the second, Albert Victor Frederick was born on 10 June 1881. Possibly deciding that shunting had a limited future, John graduated to a guards position with the railways. Although this still required some shunting activity, its frequency was far less and , for most tasks, mobile accommodation in the form of a brake or guards van was provided.

In late 1882 or early 1883 John and Ellen left Bentwick Street to live in Devonshire Street, possibly in search of a larger home. While there, a third son was born on 19 October 1883. He was named after his grandfather and the town of his birth being christened Louis Arnold Bathurst. Following his birth, the family moved to Seymour Street where, at the age of nine months, on 2 August 1884, young Louis passed away. The use of town names for children's christian names was not unusual for that time and the practice continued into the 1920's. Two Prime Ministers of Australia, Stanley Melbourne Bruce and Earle Christmas Grafton Page being so encumbered.

On 22 May 1885 son number four, Frank George Hilton, was born. Son number 5 followed eight years later on 11 June 1893 and he was christened Reginald Roy Rockford. Four years later, on 12 October 1897, the last of their children, their first daughter, Freda Harriet Beryl was born.

It is known that the family remained in Bathurst where they cared for Louie and Kate prior to Kate's death in 1919. At that time they were living in Hamley Street, South Bathurst and their son Frank was also living there. After Kate's death, and still at Hamley Street, Louie wrote his final will on 6 March 1920. In that will he bequeathed his sole asset, his Citizen Life Insurance policy to his daughter Ellen, or in the event that Ellen predeceased him to her daughter Freda. It is likely that John also passed away in Bathurst though details of his passing are not yet known.

Freda married Mr L.C harris and lived in Casino. She was caring for her mother, Ellen Elizabeth in her home there when her mother passed away on 24 September 1949 aged 91 years. At the time of her death it was noted that her eldest son, John Joseph Augustus had predeceased her. No other information is known of this family.