recent additions:
August 11, 2003 : Ellen Elizabeth - EMMETT, including scan of the family structure from her marriage to John Joseph Emmett (1877).


  • arrival in australia
  • coat of arms
  • surname
  • historical context (france & germany)

  • european ancestors (france & germany 1550-1860)
  • migration to australia (jakob & friedrich ludwig, 1850's)

  • the family in australia

  • jakob (jacob)
  • friedrich ludwig (louie)
  • ellen elizabeth - EMMETT
  • catherine - SMALL
  • direct links to scans

  • adam conrad (photograph + card, 1885)
  • anthes coat of arms (projected based on description)
  • johann heinrich (b.1765) (birth entry)
  • johann friedrich (b.1852) (birth entry)
  • family tree : 1550 - 1860 (Wenz-Jakob&Friedrich Ludwig)
    online version by
    damon ford (wollongong, nsw, australia)
    from the collected notes and research of kevin anthes.

  • Anthes Family Tree : Introduction

    This uncompleted record lists those known individuals born an Anthes and, where possible, the marriage details and children of Anthes born girls. Continuation or expansion on all of those families is not possible in a project such as this but some expansion, where know, is included. Each of those families would be individually listed in a family record under their married surname in the same way that girls, marrying into the Anthes family, are included into this project. It will be seen that the families are not too complex and most people born an Anthes can be linked to a specific family. The families appear though, to be fairly fragmented with each group seemingly quite separate from the other even when they are within the same location.

    This record is not meant to be an authoritative source being compiled only from basic research and from information gained from a small number of interested family members whose assistance, over the past 10 years, has been invaluable. A considerable amount of work needs to be done to complete a project of this type but it is not thought that there is sufficient interest throughout the wider family groups at this time to complete the task. it is hoped that this beginning may create interest, encourage challenge to the thoughts and assumptions made, and perhaps form the basis for more comprehensive research by present or future members of the Anthes family.

    Kevin Anthes
    Perth, Australia,
    May 1992